Challenging Extremism through Education

Teach for Change

FATE believes education is the strongest arsenal needed to counter extremism, and it is the youth that holds the power to construct and shape a positive narrative. FATE joined hands with the LUMS Community Service Society for the ‘Teach for Change’ initiative in December 2016, with the mission of teaching children about empathy and activism. The visit turned out to be such a success that FATE incorporated regular school visits into its daily agenda. Covering schools in different parts of Lahore and Karachi today, our team engages with children on their perceptions about terrorism, what should be done about it and what their role is as the educated youth of the country. Pamphlets promoting simple ways to promote empathy in daily life are distributed, and activities are conducted that spread the message of tolerance and working together. One of our most memorable visits was at the Chaudry Rehmat Ali School in Lahore, which ended with students flooding our social media pages with drawings and messages thanking us for our presence and support for our work. By translating fear into hope and activism, FATE hopes to create a difference at a grassroots level.