Challenging Extremism through Music

Noori Concert

The effects of extremism are nuanced and deeply pervasive. While Pakistan prided itself on its booming industry of arts and music since its inception, acts of violent insurgency have threatened to overcome this national culture, subjecting people to retreat indoors in fear of being targeted by terrorism. Pakistani artists that we were so proud of were forced to perform in other countries since, such mass gatherings were deemed as unsafe.

As part of its campaign to challenge extremism, FATE – From Apathy to Empathy collaborated with Vilarto to launch a musical evening, where the biggest name of Pakistani music Noori, entertained a houseful audience with its greatest hits. Attendees of the event also took part in FATE’s #IChallengeExtremism Campaign. Along with Noori, this event was to serve as a platform for upcoming Pakistani artists who need to be encouraged and given the chance to uplift
the once endangered art scene in Pakistan. By reviving concert culture, FATE aims to inculcate a sense of fearlessness within the masses, as the force of music becomes the best arsenal to take a stand against apathy and violence.

LAAL Recordings

As a show of support to FATE, famous rock band LAAL recorded covers of classic musical
anthems, featuring the poetry of activists such as Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, that were posted on social media to gain traction and spread awareness about the power of proactivity. Inspired by LAAL, FATE hopes to shoot a spoken word poetry video soon.