Challenging Extremism through Solidarity

Vigil in solidarity with Paris, Baghdad and Beirut attacks

13 November, 2015 marked a dark day in the history of humanity. Terrorist attacks in Paris,
Baghdad, and Beirut – which took place in a span of almost 24 hours – left the whole world in a state of shock. To counter forces of hatred, apathy and extremism dominating the prevalent discourse, FATE in collaboration with Hum-Aahang (an organization at LUMS) organized a vigil for victims of terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. People showed up in huge numbers and candles were lit in remembrance of all those who have suffered, and continue to do so, with a broader message of peace and empathy underlying the gathering.

APS Peshawar

On 16 December, 2014, 141 innocent children lost their lives to the brutal clenches of terrorism, when the APS Peshawar attack tore apart the spirit of Pakistan. Since then, FATE commemorates this date every year by keeping alive the memory of those we lost in this gruesome attack. FATE distributed school bags to underprivileged children across the city to underscore the power of education as a means of challenging extremism. The stories of those killed on the dark day were highlighted through social media, such as the heroic tale of Tahira Qazi, the Principal of APS Peshawar, who gave up her life to save the lives of her students.