Challenging Extremism through Tourism

Celebrating Lahore’s Religious Diversity

FATE collaborated with TurrLahore, a startup that aims to revive tourism in Lahore, by arranging a customized tour, themed as ‘Celebrating Lahore’s Religious Diversity’. The itinerary focused on celebrating the rich history of Lahore and the multiplicity of cultures and religions that exist within. Some of the sites that were visited included Gurdawara Dera Sahib, The Cathedral Church, remains of an old Hindu temple, Wazir Khan mosque and the great Badshahi mosque. The highlight of this tour getting to meet and interact with people belonging to different religions including Sikhs, Hindus and Christians. The entire trip was aimed at promoting inter-faith harmony between these groups, and bring to light the concern religious minorities still had with respect to religious extremism in Lahore. The tour not only helped in bridging the gaps between minorities, but also served as a genuine effort to counter extremism by reviving tourism in Lahore.